Tatiana Kucharova




Miss World 2006, Czech top model, philanthropist and influencer. Founder and chairwoman of the board of directors of Beauty of Help Foundation.

She is internationally known personality and only Miss World, who has engaged consistently for almost 12 years in helping the older people and raising awareness about population aging and demographic challenges, a hallmark which makes her a phenomenon of her day and her young generation, and one of the reasons that she was named by the World Network of Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs (WNYLE) as a member of its Council of Prominent Women Leaders.

Since 2015 she is actively cooperating with the United Nations. Currently she has become SDG’s ambassador to United Nations and she represents Czech nonprofit sector there, as such events like High level political forum of ECOSOC, Youth Forum 2018, UN Women CSW, Commissions for Social Development etc.


During last 12 years we have supported dozens of grassroots organizations across the Czech Republic, which help the older people, with the amount over 1,6 Mio EUR. We mostly support home-care services and also volunteer programs. We have also started our own unique project – “Home Without Worry”. Within this project, we have helped thousands of older people, so they can live at home and with dignity. Without our support, they would have ended up in institutional care. Moreover, we have project "Golden Work" which empowers people over 50 y.o. to be successful at the labour market.

We have also run several awareness raising campaigns and significantly helped to change the perception of aging and older people in the Czech Republic. Next to general campaigns we also promote healthy nutrition for the elderly, ran a campaign against the loneliness of the elderly or against work discrimination.

We supported documentaries, festivals and theater plays which help us to promote the concept of positive aging.

We have organized and also attended many round tables and conferences and we have greatly supported the exchange of experience among the stakeholders in this field.

During the next 10 years we will continue supporting other organizations, we will develop our own project Home Without Worry, we will continue with promotion of positive aging and we will cooperate to achieve all the changes we want. With state sector, with private sector, with academia, with other NGOs.

All people must be able to fulfil their potential in Dignity & Equality

United nations & Sustainable development goals

In 2015, The Beauty of help foundation was the first non-governmental organization from the Czech Republic to present its activities and positive aging program at the UN headquarters in New York and Geneva.

Since 2017, Tatiana has been an ambassador for SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and also represents the Czech non-profit sector at the UN. She has spoken at a number of important UN conferences, the most notable of which is the ECOSOC High Level Political Forum 2017.

In 2018, she participated in the UN as a selected motivational speaker, the largest event for young delegates and influencers from around the world, ECOSOC Youth Forum 2018. She spoke already twice (2018 and 2019) at the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) - the world's largest conference on gender issues organized by UN Women, where she spoke about the role of women in the non-profit sector, gender equality issues, women as informal care-givers, the feminization of poverty or violence against women, and thus represented the Czech Republic in the field of human rights. As a permanent representative of the younger generation, she regularly participates in conferences at the UN on the demographic development such as ICPD + 25 or the Commission for Social Development, where she and other non-profits from around the world are currently lobbying for the adoption of a constitution for human rights of older people.